All Members (2012)

  • Rexon B. Fabro

    Birthday:September 16 Salutation:Professor Affiliation/ University:Mariano Marcos State University Research Interest Area:Tourism/Hospitality Sectors, Social Sciences, Risk , Operations Management
  • Somia GHRARA

    Birthday:May 12 Salutation:Doctor Affiliation/ University:Cadi Ayyad University Research Interest Area:My primary research interests lie in the field of economic development, with a specific focus on the impact of fiscal policies on foreign direct investment (FDI) in developing regions, particularly Africa. My work explores the effectiveness of tax holidays and other fiscal incentives in attracting FDI, and their broader implications for economic growth and social development. Additional areas of interest include governance, social and solidarity economy, and sustainable development strategies.
  • Maryam Ghandi

    Birthday:July 17 Salutation:Ms. Affiliation/ University:Alzahra Research Interest Area:Second language teaching
  • Ariane Pearl Medel

    Birthday:July 13 Salutation:Ms. Affiliation/ University:Laguna State Polytechnic University Research Interest Area:Language, English
  • Jennifer Victoria Genato

    Birthday:August 23 Salutation:Professor Affiliation/ University:National University, Manila Research Interest Area:Education and Social Sciences
  • May Borja

    Birthday:May 17 Salutation:Doctor Affiliation/ University:National University - Manila Research Interest Area:Social Sciences, History & Education
  • Aarti Joshi

    Birthday:August 4 Salutation:Professor Affiliation/ University:RK University Research Interest Area:Marketing
  • Mauiroi Basilio

    Birthday:September 30 Salutation:Ms. Affiliation/ University:Benguet State University Research Interest Area:Education
  • Chakia Mae Coderias

    Birthday:May 10 Salutation:Ms. Affiliation/ University:Greenville College Research Interest Area:Social Studies
  • Dr. Rowena R. De Guzman

    Birthday:December 16 Salutation:Doctor Affiliation/ University:Osias Educational Foundation, Inc. Research Interest Area:Teaching and Learning, Inclusive Education, Curriculum Development
  • Tahereh

    Birthday:September 20 Salutation:Doctor Affiliation/ University:University Senior Lecturer, Islamic Azad University, South Tehran Branch Research Interest Area:Cooperation and Collaboration, Neurolinguistics,
  • D. Grace (Grace)

    Birthday:August 7 Salutation:Ms. Affiliation/ University:Universitas Negeri Malang Research Interest Area:Research on education
  • Mark John Belleza

    Birthday:April 3 Salutation:Professor Affiliation/ University:Northern Iloilo State University Research Interest Area:Curriculum, education,

    Birthday:February 5 Salutation:Mr. Affiliation/ University:Haluoleo University Research Interest Area:Management
  • Rony Jaya Lakebo

    Birthday:May 6 Salutation:Mr. Affiliation/ University:Haluoleo University Research Interest Area:Indonesia
  • Muhamad Alibaba

    Birthday:January 1 Salutation:Mr. Affiliation/ University:Haluoleo Research Interest Area:Information Technolgy, Management
  • nurhuma waode

    Birthday:March 27 Salutation:Mrs. Affiliation/ University:Haluoleo University Research Interest Area:Kendari
  • Rahmayanti ika pratiwi

    Birthday:April 30 Salutation:Mrs. Affiliation/ University:UNIVERSITAS HALUOLEO Research Interest Area:Management