At the 8th ESBEM Keynote Speaker Session, Dr. Saddam A. Hazaea from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Chengdu, Sichuan, China, delivered a speech about ESG Reporting and Assurance. The participants were all excited to learn new insights from Dr. Saddam A. Hazaea and are welcomed to share their insight or ask question in this forum. There were some questions and comments from the participants to Dr. Saddam A. Hazaea:

Q1) Arief Abdillah --> Dr. Saddam, how necessary is ESG implemented in SME (Small Medium Enterprise)?

Q2) Muhammad Aqif --> Hello sir, I am M. Aqif from Pakistan. Many companies and organizations prioritize experience over qualifications when hiring. Why is this the case? How are we supposed to gain experience if the companies we apply to don't select us?

Q3) John Michael Zamoras --> Dr. Saddam, I'm Mr. John Michael Zamoras from the Philippines, if it's ok, I want to ask if how far did ESG go as to it's implementation because as far as I know, this platform/project haven't reached our place yet and this is a good way to help increase company productivity and efficiency.

Q4) Ma. Elena Estebal --> How does incorporating ESG factors drive innovation and competitive advantage in the market?


The Audience can continue the discussion in this forum. Enjoy the discussion, and see you at the upcoming conference at https://bit.ly/RSF-UpcomingConference

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