12633414884?profile=RESIZE_710x9th International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research on Education, Economic studies, Business and Social Sciences (9th RESBUS) was an outstanding event held on May 14, 2024.

9th RESBUS is hosted by International Women University and Research Synergy Foundation.

Hundred of scholars coming from 15+ countries had involved in the active scientific forum discussion. The discussion went smooth and there were questions coming from the participants. The Session Chair on this Breakout Room 1 Presentation Session is Prof. Dr. Marwane El halaissi from Mohammed V University of Rabat, Morocc.  In the session, there are several questions coming from the participants to the presenters:

Q1) Eulalia Javier to Dr. Joseph Refugio --> Why do think that the use of the technology has the lowest score?

Q2) Eulalia Javier to Dr. Samsiah Rangkuti --> The job performance was affected by 75.50% by what factors? kindly elaborate more on this. thank you

Q3) Rozanne Millen B. Mañozo to Dr. Samsiah Rangkuti --> In examining work and performance within the BPS, what methodologies or approaches were employed to assess the level of accuracy?

Q4) Eulalia Javier to Dr. Sheila Dalumpines --> How many respondents in the study and the sampling techniques? Is there a difference on the risk management of the bank when group accdg to profile?

Q5) Arsylia to Dr. Sheila Dalumpines --> What is the role of stakeholders in financial risk

Q6) Marbhen Dominique Abendaño to Dr. Sheila Dalumpines --> Which among the theories mentioned support the findings of your study?

Q7) Eulalia Javier to Dr. Sheila Dalumpines --> how many respondents in the study?

Q8) dominicus wahyu to Dr. Sheila Dalumpines --> About the finding, Which is the biggest risk of all risks faced by banks? How to optimize the role of mitigation?

Q9) Sri Yusriani to Dr. Sheila Dalumpines --> What challenges do banks in Zamboanga Del Norte face in implementing effective risk management practices, especially based on the findings of this research? How do regulatory frameworks influence risk management practices among banks in Zamboanga Del Norte?

Q10) Marbhen Dominique Abendaño to Dr. Sheila Dalumpines --> Does the theory's philosophical basis or argument substantiated the findings of your study?

Q11) Marbhen Dominique Abendaño to Dr. Sheila Dalumpines --> The conceptual framework presented earlier was somehow misleading since the outer part presents a plan, upon reviewing, the study is purely employs descriptive and not prescriptive design. Maybe you may consider restructuring your conceptual framework.

We invite all participants to discuss or ask questions related to the material shared by the presenters in this forum.

The presenter and the audience can continue the discussion in this forum. Enjoy the discussion, and see you at the upcoming conference at https://bit.ly/RSF-UpcomingConference

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